North Carolina Children's Theatre


Our team of teaching artists is made up of theatre professionals and they work with their classes on age- appropriate, challenging, and fun lessons for each class or camp! 
Through our education programs, your students will build confidence, leadership and problem-solving skills. They will appreciate collaborating as a team member and value the feeling of commitment and accomplishment while developing public speaking skills. Choose one class or one class per week.

Kinder-Theatre  Ages 4-6

45 minutes
​Drama is a great way for children to express themselves and stretch their imaginations. As they work as a team, youngsters learn social skills which enable them to share, communicate and think of others. As they grow and develop, children find it easier to express themselves physically and emotionally, thus boosting their confidence.
The focus of this program is to encourage cooperation and group awareness. Our artist-educators introduce a variety of theatre games that use physical movement to create a positive group energy, trust, and sensitivity towards peers.

Acting Out! Ages 6+

​1 hour 
Our school- age drama classes are a great introduction for young kids to the world of drama. Our classes explore drama through theatre games, improvisation, stage direction, voice, and movement.  Whether your students want to perform or just want to have fun,  our classes help build confidence and self esteem, strengthen communication skills, teach valuable social skills, and foster the imagination-all in a fun and supportive environment.

Creative Movement and Dance Ages 3-6

45 minutes

​Dance helps children to improve fitness, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Young children start to refine their motor skills through simple rhythm and dance moves. They also find out how to express themselves freely and appropriately within a group.

Dance Ages 6+

​1 hour 

Our dance lessons are the perfect place for students to have fun and release some  energy!  We explore a wide range of dance genre, from Broadway and Jazz to Hip Hop and Pop.  Very soon you’ll see an improvement in your child’s dance technique, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and stamina which will help your child become more confident to take part in sporting and other activities inside and outside of school.

Preschool Music Ages 3-6

​45 minutes

Music and drama offers young children a way of naturally expressing themselves, developing social skills and enhancing their love of imagination and play. This class will combine songs, puppets, rhymes, games, finger play, role play and creative movement activities that allow children to develop their imaginations. Rhythm instruments such as sticks, bells, shakers and drums are used so that children develop their natural responsiveness to rhythm, beat, melody and tone and puppets, costume pieces and props help to enforce the creative exploration. 

Drama Workshops 6+

2 hours

Students build core theatre skills in acting, movement, voice and character. Confidence and creative expression are developed through drama exercises and improvisation.